The Broadway Cyclery

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The Broadway Cyclery – Offers a wide selection of bikes for cyclists of any age and ability. Specializes in touring, commuter and cargo bikes. Accesories include cargo bags, panniers, Burley trailers, Brooks saddles,  Nutcase helmets.Bikes include Surly, Jamis, Breezer.

The Broadway Cyclery
665 Broadway Avenue,
Bedford, OH 44146

(440) 735-2453



4 Customer Reviews of “The Broadway Cyclery”

Review by J. Keeene, December 20, 2011

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Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Not too many bikes for women or kids though. I ended up not being able to buy anything in stock. They showed my some catalogs and offered to order a bike for me, but I really wanted to try several out before making purchase.

Review by Bike Masher, June 18, 2012

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Good store for commuters like me. I went to get by back wheel trued on my old touring bike. Since I rode the bike in, I needed to wait while they did the work. It was a busy day there, but they threw the wheel on the trueing stand and got it done while I shopped. I bought some tubes and looked around. Good, small specialty shop with knowledgeable staff.

Review by Dom, March 20, 2014

Excellent store and staff. I keep going back for their knowledge and helpfulness; I am willing to make the trip even though I live on the otherside of town. I once made it there 10 minutes after they closed the shop, though they were still there and they opened it back up anyways.

Review by Allen, April 15, 2014

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I have to thank mike for taking the time to show me several different styles of bikes and explain the advantages of each. After I made my decision, He spent the time Needed to make sure the bike fit me properly. If you’re tired of bike shops that try to sell you what they happen to have on the floor and send you on your way, you’ll love this shop. Make sure to say hello to zooey the dog while you’re there!!!!

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