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B&K Bicycle Co. in business for over 55 years. Featuring Trek and Giant Bicycles. Large selection of bicycles and accessories for casual and competitive riders with over 8,000 sq ft of display.

B&K Bicycle
4298 Mayfield Road
South Euclid
Ohio 44121



11 Customer Reviews of “B&K Bicycle Co.”

Review by Jenny J., January 29, 2012

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I went there to get my kid’s bike fixed. The service was good, they fixed the flat tires while we waited. I got a helmet and some gloves for my daughter too. Good service and big selection.

Review by Wylie, February 10, 2012

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I like this shop.

Review by Wlliam J, September 13, 2012

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Excellent service. I haven’t bought a bike in over 20 years. I had no idea what to expect. They took the time to ask me what kind of riding I wanted to do, how often I wanted to ride and what kind of budget I had. I really had no idea how to answer any of those questions but they worked with me and let me try out several bikes. I finally bought a Trek comfort bike with a comfortable seat and high handlebars. I have found my bike and I have found my bikeshop

Review by Ralph D, May 2, 2013

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If you want a shop that just wants to sell you a bike… this is your place. No knowledge, no skill and very little attention to detail.

Review by Ned, May 19, 2013

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Great selelection. Great service, too — they were happy to quickly adjust my handlebars while my wife was looking for a new bike. Plus, they’re really tolerant of kids and even have a small play space for toddlers.

Review by Matt, June 10, 2013

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This is not the place for anyone that knows anything about bikes. They are only interested in selling you whatever they have too much of, probably left over from the previous year (or two or three). Condescending, low on knowledge and high on pressure.

Review by Megan, July 16, 2013

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This bike shop doesn’t even have an entrance from the street; you have to ride your bicycle around back through the *car parking lot* in order to even get inside. A non-pedestrian-friendly bike shop doesn’t earn a whole lot of points from people who don’t drive cars, IMO.

I came in asking for a saddle cover, and they tried to sell me a whole new saddle for $50. When I protested that all I needed was a cover for the saddle I had, they insisted that they didn’t carry anything like that, and furthermore, nobody really carries saddle covers, so I should really just invest in the new saddle. 10 minutes later, I found the precise saddle cover I needed for $4.99 on the accessories wall.

Like the commenter above, I have also found the staff here very condescending. I came in with a brake problem years ago, saying, “My boyfriend adjusted these badly, and I can’t figure out how to fix it — can you show me how?” And rather than helping, they sneered, “Well, Miss, you should really just have your boyfriend fix it.” I left and took it to the Bike Co-op, where they not only showed me how to undo the damage he’d done, they also taught me how to maintain, repair, and rebuild the entire bike on my own. I’ll never have to depend on a man to fix my bike… or go back to the sexist, money-grubbing suburban bike shop again.

Review by Ralph, May 3, 2015

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I’ve actually had several dealings with B&K. I’ve found that they’re not willing to help with a special order, they only want to sell you what they have in stock (even when I offered to pay in advance for the order). I agree with the condescending comments and find them very unhelpful. There are plenty of competitors in the area that will do a much better job.

Review by tom, June 4, 2015

I brought a bike in for repairs – the seat needed adjusting. Two of their “mechanics” worked on while I waited, but neither could fix it. These are guys who work on bikes all day and they couldn’t adjust my seat? And yes, they are condescending.

Review by Fred, December 12, 2017

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The owner is remarkably condescending, high pressure and frankly a bit strange. He exudes his attitude throughout the staff and culture of the shop. My blood pressure raises the few times I’ve stepped foot in the place.

Review by Steve Reinhardt, April 24, 2019

They are out of business.

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