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Affordable Bikes Re-Cyclery -Recycles and rebuilds safe, quality bikes and sells them at affordable prices.  Teaches people how to fix and maintain their bikes. Used kid’s bike starting at around $30.00. Used adult bikes starting around $50.00. Affordable repair prices.

Affordable Bikes Re-Cyclery
10001 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH. 44102



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Review by MCascone, July 27, 2012

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Not my cup of tea. I like the intent, but it’s not the most professional organization for buying bikes. This might be a good place to take your kids and buy a few used bikes or other things, but it’s more like a permanent garage sale than a real bike shop.

Review by Paul Bertram, October 17, 2012

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This has to one of the best things to happen to this community. Sure it’s not a bright and shiny slick retail operation, but it gives way more back to the community that it takes in. The bikes are used, and in some cases you could get a brand new bike from the big box chains for a similar price. But who are you helping? A giant corporation that sends all it’s money to a foreign land? Spend your money at the Re-Cyclery and you support people right here at home.

Review by Thomas Makar, August 7, 2013

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The people at this shop are just an amazing group. If your want that home town feel style of shop then this is what your looking for. They are a family trying to help out the community. Great deals and selection on used bikes as well as there shinning star there repair shop. Great knowledge!

Review by Darsi Ayres, March 22, 2014

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Love my new old bike! 1971 Schwinn Suburban, found it at Affordable Bikes. It was exactly what I was looking for at an extremely fair price. A diamond in the rough. James, Anthony, and the whole staff refurbished it just how I wanted it. They all did a great job, bike looks awesome, rides well. They’re the best.

Review by Robert Bays, April 20, 2014

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James and Nozomi, thanks for helping me with my project. For your time and knowledge. You found what I needed and made it work. James you are a master at what you do. You have a young and A+ team at Affordable Bikes re-cyclery. thanks all.

Review by Tara Bess, May 23, 2014

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Recently moved to Cleveland from Pittsburgh, PA, I was really excited to find out we had a co-op type bike place nearby that could enrich the community. I came in a couple weeks ago and met the couple that ran the place, they were very sweet and welcoming and informative. I had all sorts of questions and was very interested in the programs and workshops they held. I noticed that there was a bike that a saw a couple days before at Unique thrift shop down the street, a silver ladies schwinn frame that they had put some work into. I thought, “oh, I remember this bike” but didn’t really think much of it. So, a couple weeks later, just last friday I was at Unique again, not specifically looking for a bike or anything, but I saw this really nice looking Takara bike for 79 bucks. It was deep maroon, all the parts looked pretty sound, maybe needed a little work, but I got on it for a second and (probably shouldn’t do this inside) rode the bike up and down the aisle real quick. It fit me great. I was with my friend and said “man I wish I had money for this, I don’t get paid til next week” and he says optimistically, “well, why don’t you come back monday when it’s half off and maybe it will still be here.” Now I know what you’re thinking, if I wanted that bike so bad I should have just figured out a way to buy it then and there. 79 bucks is a total steal for that bike, for sure. So anyway, I go back monday and turns out they open at 6, and I didn’t get there til 10. Someone already scooped it up. I was bummed, but this little beam of optimism chimed in the back of my head, I remember that one bike I saw ended up at the Recyclery. Maybe they bought it and I can just go see if they’ll sell it to me for a little more. So I go over there this afternoon, showed up at 2:50 and waited til they opened. Finally I come in and there it is behind the work area, with a green tag on it. I told the guy I was looking for that bike. He asks the kid he’s “mentoring” or whatever what tag it has and then says “oh that’s a steel alloy bike, chrome wheels and stainless steel spokes. $350, that’s for all the parts and labor we put on it.” I told him about how I saw the bike at the thrift store the other day, how it was less than a third of what he was asking. He kind of just went on feeding me a bunch of bs about how much work it needed. But the bike already had a nice derailer, decent brake pads, not even a lot of rust when I first saw it. I was actually kind of speechless, disappointed, it bummed me out… not because I couldn’t afford the bike I wanted, but because the place is called “affordable bikes.” I personally cannot afford a 350 bike, unless I saved up for a while and didn’t eat for a couple months or something. I get that it’s really cool that there is a place in the community that kind of looks out for youngsters, teaches them how to be independent and self sufficient, offering them a space to learn a craft and teach folks about bike safety and advocacy and all of that… but this is all kind of a joke when you think about the fact that you’re actually instilling a disgusting sentiment of Capitalism in a pretty vulnerable community already exposed to gentrification. F*#k this place. The person at the head of the shop kept talking and I just walked away, and regretted not spitting in his face.

Review by Tara Bess, May 23, 2014

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Oh yeah, so my point is, they need to change the name of this place from “Affordable Bikes Re-Cyclery” to “gentrificatable Bikes” because yo a 350 dollar bike is not an affordable bike unless you’re a bourgeois yuppie like the people who run this place.

Review by Jeffrey Waite, July 4, 2014

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Great little operation here…not intended to be a high-end bike shop, so I don’t know why people give them lower ratings for not being something they are not even trying to be. Very helpful staff and very down to earth in the way they do business. With entry level new bikes being in the $500-$750 range it is nice to have an option to pay less than half that for a solid bike, while helping them give back to the community with their mentoring…
Even on my low income and raising a family, I’m considering buying 2!

Review by james, August 10, 2014

1 star, ONLY because it doesnt allow 0 stars. My story starts july 25th, the day I dropped my bike off for some pretty simple straight forward repairs. I figured that there would have been ample time for them to have finished it before my move across town set for August 4th but sadly I sit here August 9th and still with no bike. Whats worse is the fact they havent called and haven’t ansered any calls or emails for over a week now! Ive called every part of the day but all it does is ring. No voicemail or answering machine! No answers to my emails either! Thankfully I dont have my bike now that my car is being worked on. Angry, inconvenienced costumer is an understatement of epic proportion.

Review by Karen M Clark, September 5, 2015

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I have been looking for a recycled/reconditioned bike for sometime. I visited the shop this week. I was pleasantly surprised. The staff are friendly,knowledgeable,informative and eager to help. I found the right bike and they accessorized it for me also. It is very obvious when you encounter people who are doing a thing they love…I am lucky to have found them. Many thanks for your time. I really enjoy my bike Best of luck in the future

Review by AJK, July 15, 2018

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I really wanted to discuss my problems with this company privately but they have no way of contacting them that is not in the public eye. I spent almost $300 on a bike that I was assured was road ready, “safe, and quality.” First off, the mechanic who “greeted” me was the worst customer service person I’ve ever encountered. Thinking that a mechanic at a small bike shop would be excited to have another biker in the fold, I chipperly explained that my partner and I were looking for her first bike in ten years. He proceeded to roll his eyes, sigh, and inform us that “you’re, like, the fourth people today.” I’ll spare the details but he continued to be condescending the rest of the interaction.

Moving past that little slight, we explained what we were looking for; a cruiser with a comfortable seat, nothing too fancy. He proceeded to escort us toward some three speed trick bikes, if you’re not familiar, it’s the exact opposite of what we explained.

Sidenote: I have dabbled with bikes for years as a hobby, I’m not saying I know everything about bikes but I know enough to see how what I’m about to say is easily avoidable by just… I don’t know, giving a sh*t.

Within a month of buying this “safe & quality” bike, my partner and I were biking home and a mile from home, the entire crank arm falls off (which is the pedal+the arm connecting it to the gear), rendering the bike unrideable at 1am. Remembering their free repairs within 90 days, I bring the bike in for repairs. So I have to drive out of my way before work to fix a mistake that could have been avoided by… giving a sh*t. I am “greeted” by the same awful mechanic staring at me without any sort of actual greeting. I explain my irritating situation irritatedly, and his only response is “well at least it wasn’t raining.”

At this point, thankfully the owner, who during the initial purchase and this interaction, was professional, apologetic, accommodating, genuine, and kind. I hate to write this review because he was wonderful, but I just want him to improve his customer service via a better mechanic. I had assumed “okay, bad at customer service, maybe great at fixing bikes, and maybe this crank arm thing was a fluke.”

And then the second easily fixable incident happened. I now think that the 90 day free service is to cover for this exact negligence. I just got back from having to go get my girlfriend from the middle of a busy intersection in a sketchy area a mile from home because her “wheel is locked up.” I arrive and immediately find the problem. Whoever tweeked this bike failed to fully tighten the rear wheel to the frame and though normal pedaling, pulled the wheel free and against the frame to lodge it immobile. To prevent this, all it took was someone tightening the wheel past hand-tight, which is where it was when I found it. Again, I as a hoobyist found the problem and fixed it in ten minutes with improper tools. If whatever mechanic had actually given a sh*t about his job and about the customers’ safety, all this could be avoided. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable when I’m upset about a bike shop that claims to provide “safe and quality” bikes can’t be bothered to tighten their nuts past hand-tightness. I would like to spend $300 on a bike that won’t leave someone stranded, especially when I’m promised “safety and quality” I spent $125 on my bike at a different shop in Cleveland and I’ve had zero issues and zero complaints.

I really want to see small bike shops succeed because I love biking and I love the passion that the bike community has. The owner of this business has that passion and that knowledge to be a great bike shop but get a better mechanic. The one you have now can’t be bothered with good customer service or with making sure you’re putting quality and safe bikes on the road.

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