About this site:

This site was created to help people locate the good, the bad and the best bike shops in and around the Cleveland Ohio area.

May be you already have a great bike shop you go to. Excellent, tell others about it here. In this era of big box retailers and online businesses, local bike shops need all the extra customers they can get. Bike shops are typically small businesses owned and operated by people with a real passion for bikes and people. A genuine, well written, good review can be very helpful for your local bike shop. Multiple good reviews are some of the best advertising a business can have. It’s the internet equivalent of good “Word of Mouth” advertising.

Maybe you have been in a shop that wasn’t so great, a poorly run bike shop that just does not have it’s act together and does not deserve your time and money. Fine.  Tell others about it here. Don’t go on mean spirited rant,  call people names, or repeat hearsay, but tell it like you saw it. If that shop has poor customer service, selection,  prices, or policies, and it happened to you personally, say so. Bad reviews can sting, but sometimes it can lead to shop management  making the necessary changes to improve. Sometimes that shop will just stay bad. Your review can keep others from having a bad experience there.

This site  also gives you information that you need to make decisions about which bike shops are worth patronizing and which shops are not.

When posting reviews, only give your first hand information. Post information that you personally observed.  Please use good judgement and manners.


Michelle Lee